Rod MacKenzie
ESL Teacher/adults and children and motiviational trainer

Native language: English
Other Languages: Afrikaans (and thus I can converse in Dutch), survival Mandarin and Italian
Currently living in: China
Skype name: Roderick Graeme MacKenzie

  Let me tell you about myself.

I teach oral (spoken) English at all levels. I am also experienced in teaching written English, IE creative writing. As I am a published writer, I have credibility and the confidence of experience when teaching creative writing. I have taught journalist English and copywriting and have had numerous articles and ads published.

  • Onsite: Shanghai
  • Online
    • Presentation editing and voice-overs
    • Assessment of spoken language skills
    • Creative writing and copywriting skills as I have had a book published and also many articles and poetry.
Please contact me for more information.